Video Security

Video Security Saves Your Ass-ets

All Stockton Computers installs and configures DVR Video Security Systems* in the Fort Stockton, TX area using computer networking technology.

What is a Video Security System?

A video security system is 1 or more indoor or outdoor cameras that record video in real time – video that can also be reviewed later. Some video cameras can be motion sensitive, others can even be infrared and see in the dark! All of these cameras can be monitored from inside your business or residence or even remotely from an offsite computer or mobile device.

Benefits of Video Security Systems

In a business environment, constant surveillance is needed to protect employees from harm and/or the business assets from disappearing. Some insurance companies may even offer discounts for approved video  security systems.

For residential structures such as homes or garages/workshops, a video security system can offer you the piece of mind you want while away at work or even on vacation. Need to check up on the kids, nanny or family pets? No problem.

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*This service is evaluated on a case by case basis, so please call to discuss the scope of the video security system needed for pricing.


We have a great deal of experience in installing video security systems small & large