Digital Video Services

VHS and Hi8 Transfer to Digital Format

Convert your old VHS and HI8 tapes into digital formats for storage or DVD format to play on any DVD player.

Per Tape $90.00

Multiple Format Conversions and Splitting

We can convert any format to another, as well as split the files into video and audio tracks. This enables you to take your favorite video file and split the audio track and convert it into a music or comedy CD to play in your CD/DVD players. We can also take snippets from various sources and put them together for a highlight reel video. The combination of formats allow you to be as creative as you want and we can create the final version you can see in your minds eye.

Hourly at $55/HR 

Video Capture – Titles & Editing

If you want to make a wedding video from your raw footage we can do that for you. If you would like to edit and produce a kids video for the grandparents we can do that too.

Hourly at $55/HR


We can do almost anything related to Digital Video you can imagine!