Computer Set-Up

On Site Computer Installations

PC Setup

Need help setting up your new system? Let us do it for you! Our Pc and Mac computer setup service makes it easy for you. We will set up your computer (including your monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers), install 1 software application and 1 wired printer, connect your existing Internet and existing e-mail account and test your system and review it with you.


PC Setup and Data Transfer

Make the move to your new computer smooth and easy.  We’ll transfer all of your data files to your new computer. We’ll set up your computer (including your monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers), install your software and printer, configure your existing Internet connection and your existing e-mail account and test your PC for proper functionality.


(up to 14 GB Data Transfer – includes Quickbooks or Outlook)  $200.00

Software Installations

Operating System Install / Reinstallation

Running the latest operating system helps maximize PC performance and security. But installation can take hours. Why not leave it to the experts? We’ll provide a complete, professional installation of the OS, along with re-installation of drivers, system software and updates. This work is done in our workshop as it takes approx. 6 hours to complete.    

$150.00 w/o data OR $185 with data migration

Computer Optimization (Tuneup)

Ensure your PC runs smoothly and securely with this PC cleaning and optimization service. We will enhance PC speed and performance, enable basic security features, remove unwanted programs and ensure your PC is speedy again for everyday use. 


Set-up & Smile

We make it so easy, It’ll put a smile on your face!