Quickbooks Support

Quickbooks Version Upgrade / Update

Using your new software and license, we’ll come to your location and install the latest version of Quickbooks on your Server and Client/Satellite PC’s to ensure the system is running correctly.

 Server – $195.00

 Each additional PC + $25.00

Quickbooks Multi-User Troubleshooting

We’ll come to your home or office and troubleshoot problems with up to *3 PC’s connecting to your multi-user Quickbooks Server.


Add additional user / PC to Quickbooks

We’ll come to your home or office and configure up to *3 new PC’s to connect to your existing Quickbooks Server for multi-user access.


Quickbooks Initial Multi-User Setup

Using your Quickbooks software and license, we install and configure Quickbooks and integrate it into your network for multi-user use

Server & 1 PC – $190.00

 Each additional PC + $25.00

Quickbooks Data Migration

We’ll migrate your Quickbooks company data from your existing Server to your new Server.  We then integrate the Server into your existing network and connect up to *3 client PC’s with the new Server for multi-user access.


Quickbooks Data Backup Solution

Have your Server set to automatically backup your Quickbooks data.  We’ll connect your existing external hard drive to your computer, install software and drivers, and configure your computer to routinely back up Quickbooks.



From Set-up & User Config to Data Transfer & Recovery, we can handle it!