Networking (Wired & Wireless)

Basic Home Networking (share your internet)

If you need multiple (2-4) computers to share the internet then this is the right service call for you.  We install, configure and secure your wireless network and PC’s.


Troubleshoot existing equipment $125.00

Home Networking Package (parts & labor)

We provide a wireless transmitter/router and perform our Basic Home Networking service call to share your internet wired and/or wireless.  Additional wireless receivers can be purchased for your PC’s for $45 a piece. 

(most laptop’s have built in wireless receivers)            $190.00

Office Networking (share files, printers and programs)

We will install or troubleshoot a file share or a shared printer among 2-4 pc’s.  If you have a network program that needs to be shared we can install / troubleshoot the server and clients to allow multiple users (ex: Quickbooks)


Add a Device to Existing Network

Add a compatible electronic device to your wired or wireless network with this electronic device setup service for Mac or PC. We will install an electronic device, such as a laptop, iPhone, Mac, PC, access point, game console or TiVO.



We network all your computers  and devices seamlessly!